Software & Services for Mobile Robots

In order to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions, perfectly adapted to your specific needs, PGES' engineers rely on more than 20 years of "hands-on" experience in all the technologies of mobile robotics: software engineering, mechanical and electrical design...

Our involvement ranges from the earliest stages of the project lifecycle (preliminary design and simulation) to the latest ones (operation and maintenance).

Automated Logistics Transport

Everywhere heavy loads have to be transported (hospitals, production facilities...) our automated logistics solutions optimise the performances, the reliability and the costs.

To achieve this, we implement a comprehensive Robotic Fleet Management software suite, in conjunction with the mobile robots (AGV/AMR) of our partner OPPENT, the most innovative AGV/AMR equipment on the market today, for indoor logistics purposes.

Engineering and consulting

PGES relies on its "hands-on" experience in mobile robotics, in order to realise studies that meet its customers' needs (electrotechnical and mechanical design, 3D prototyping).

We are also able to "customize" our software solutions for a specific need. Our "POOL" sofware development platform is perfectly adapted to the rapid development of applications for mobile robotics, vehicles fleet management (be they autonomous or not), or vetronics.

We propose a consulting activity as well. Our automated logistics software suite allows the preliminary dimensioning of automatic transport solutions through dynamic simulation. We participate also to EC-funded RTD collaborative projects.

Operation and maintenance

We propose our expertise for the support to operation and maintenance of your complex robotic systems, in domains such as hospital logistics, automated cleaning, defence robots...

To see our most recent achievements, please check our YouTube channel.

Our customers

Our partners

During its projects, PGES has co-operated with:

Press review

July 2008, PGES and DGA make the headline of GPS World, under the title "Screen Driven", refering to the article "Driving Blind - With Assistance" (about the PISE/DEVIN system), at pages 34 to 40. To view the printed version of this article click here. To view the cover and read the magazine as an e-book click here.

January 2004, pages 20 to 29. "Precision on a Roll. DGPS Solutions for Heavy Machinery". Article about CIRCOM system and its technical challenges. To view the printed version of this article click here.

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